16 February, 2023

AutoLink – 250 Ton Terex Demag All Terrain Crane In Qatar

AutoLink International Trading & Equipment Rental W.L.L is leading crane rental company in the middle east, we have been active in the region since many decades and have served different industries from Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Power to Construction. Our core value for our customers lies in our 24/7 support during project phases in order to smoothen out the project critical path. Our heavy mobile cranes, hydraulic lifting & jacking and strand jack system provide the ultimate complete solution in the heavy lift industry. For the transport industry, we provide various types of trailers and heavy lowbed trailers including multi-axle trailers, front-loading man-king lowbed, SPMT (self-propelled modular transporter) and skating system.

Our approach to safety is to the highest standard in line with British Standard (BS7121), with daily, weekly and monthly checks of our equipment and performing a periodic thorough examination of cranes from an approved third-party company. Our motto is “customer failure is our failure” and it is for this reason that we have placed a system of quality management which identifies any potential failure or breakdowns before they actually happen and our team rectifies them accordingly.

250 Ton Terex Demag All Terrain Crane In Qatar

The 250 Ton Terex Demag All Terrain Crane In Qatar(Model: AC250) has all the best features one could find in a heavy mobile crane in the All-Terrain (AT) crane category, starting from its massive 80m main boom length reaching vast radius and if that is not enough the fly-jib attachment extends the load chart capability even more. The six-axle chassis makes it versatile for long road drives, the turning ability of its five out of six-axle makes it suitable for tight spaces cornering and within a small confined site where the crane has to make many close rotations to set up the crane in the exact location as is demanded by the lift plan. Its rough terrain (RT) capabilities are enhanced by the huge tires, making it glide up rough slopes when for example going uphill to the top of the summit to install wind turbine generators (WTGs).300 Ton Grove All Terrain Crane In Qatar has the same 80m boom length and it implies that the 250 Ton Terex Demag All Terrain Crane In Qatar will give more or less the same capability as that of the GMK6300L load chart, this helps in financial savings for the company who intends to invest in an 80m boom length crane with competitive lifting capabilities.

Since the 250 Ton Terex Demag All Terrain Crane In Qatar is a German made crane, one is assured that it has gone through the rigorous engineering tests and puts it in the same bracket as other top manufacturers like Liebherr, Grove, and Tadano. Though in Qatar its dealership is weaker in terms of after sale service to the Terex crane owners and many times you would have to wait for months for the parts to arrive, this, in turn, affects the continuation of services to crane company clients when there is a break down on site. In comparison, the Grove crane dealership is a lot stronger and friendly and the reason behind this is they prioritize their customers beyond anything, they know how to build a relationship, they know how fruitful it can be in the long run when the same customer wants to invest in another crane in the future.

Keeping the above points in mind we offer our clients the 250 Ton Terex Demag All Terrain Crane In Qatar for various lifting purpose. The mobilization and demobilization is also made easier as the crane itself carries 15t out of the total 96.6t counterweights on the road and the remaining counterweighs only requires four flatbed trailers having two axles each, this configuration is better than the GMK6300L (300t Grove crane) since this can only carry 7t counterweight out of the total 92.5t counterweights. Its benefit is highlighted when a customer requires a 120t crane and the crane company fleet is depleted to other customer sites and the only option it has is to utilize either the 250 Ton Terex Demag All Terrain Crane In Qatar or the 300 Ton Grove (GMK6300L) All Terrain Crane In Qatar, the answer to which one is better to send in this situation would be the 250 Ton Terex Demag All Terrain Crane In Qatar since it carries 15t of counterweight (compare to 7t counterweight that the GMK6300L carries) with the crane itself and thus giving better load chart capability matching that of an actual 120t crane.

We believe that AutoLink International Trading & Equipment Rental W.L.L services are as good as our equipment and our workforce capabilities, it is therefore of importance to us that we always strive to get the kind of cranes which are in demand by our customers and are maintainable by our technical team. This policy helps our sales and marketing team in proposing different solutions to our leads and customers and bringing the best out of our crane’s capabilities and offering our customers the options which suit their project critical path better. It is for this reason that AutoLink invests in best in class mobile cranes, workforce and quality management systems. Our aim now is to follow suit with the Paris agreement in regards to the climate change, dealing with the greenhouse gas emissions mitigation, for this reason, we are planning to invest in eco-friendly cranes which emit minimum CO2 and carbon mono-oxide to the environment. Our corporate social responsibility includes the training of low skilled workers to certify them and give them an identity and a profession by either becoming a crane operator, rigger, supervisor, appointed person for lifting operations or job-related to the commercial department in the sales and marketing sector.

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