16 February, 2023

300 Ton Grove All Terrain Crane In Qatar

Auto Link International Trading & Equipment Rental W.L.L is a pioneer Heavy Cranes & Heavy Transport company and has been offering its services in Qatar long before the LNG boom. From contracted project heavy loads lifting requirement, heavy haulage and abnormal loads transport requirements to crane rental services, we provide the best equipment, trained workforce and engineered solution as per our customer needs and demands. Our customer portfolio ranges from the Oil & Gas sector, Petrochemical, Infrastructure, Power and Construction industry. We offer in house engineering solution for lifting requirements include Lift planning, Method Statement, Risk Assessment, 2D Plans and 3D CAD drawings simplifying the job in hand and boosting our customer’s confidence in making the decision towards a safe and efficient project.

Auto Link International Trading & Equipment Rental W.L.L has deemed it necessary to provide its leads & customers with various options of performing their task in the most optimum way in terms of cost and safety. The value we provide to our customers is we view their project and their investment as our own and give the most efficient solution to build on their trust and maintain our relationship for decades to come. Our target is no injury at sight and this results in stringent HSE policies in place for our workforce to follow and it translates to our equipment’s by having a periodic checkup of all our machines and maintaining a preventive and corrective checklist for respective cranes. A thorough examination is performed by an approved third party company and the report for each of our cranes is routinely checked before the expiration of the certificate of re-certification if a breakdown or corrective maintenance is performed. All of our cranes go through rigorous Qatar Petroleum (QP) and Qatar Gas (QG) safety standards which clearly defines our mission of no injury policy and having them QP STI stamped we provide our customer’s assurance of the highest level of equipment quality, condition and safety.

300 Ton Grove All Terrain Crane in Qatar

Auto Link International Trading & Equipment Rental W.L.L offers nothing but the best in a class of all terrain cranes in the mobile crane category. It is for this reason that Auto Link International has opted for 300 Ton Grove All Terrain Crane in Qatar, in order to fulfill its customer needs and offer flexibility to its clients when it comes to heavy lifting in construction projects. Engineered Heavy Lifting industry has always been in favor of mobile cranes with longer boom length as it can reach larger radius and reduce carbon footprint by eliminating the need of an additional number of prime movers and trailers required to transport the supplementary boom extension attachments otherwise required to achieve the same boom length.

Since 300 Ton Grove All Terrain Crane in Qatar is manufactured by Grove in Germany whose parent company (Manitowoc from the USA) is a market leader in making Crawler Cranes of various sizes and mobile cranes from Rough Terrain, Truck Mounted Hydraulic Crane to All Terrain Crane. Their quality of material, technique, and engineering used is superior to many brands around the world and are in the level ground with other competitors like Terex Demag and Liebherr which are also made in Germany. Comparatively these brand offer many similar features but this 300 Ton Grove All Terrain Crane in Qatar has 80m boom length which is 2m more than that which is offered by Liebherr cranes in the same capacity (300 Metric Ton) segment, the Terex Demag crane has only until recently started making the 300 Ton capacity crane with 80m and previously the 80m boom length used to come with the 250 Ton capacity only. It’s very strong capacity chart highlights the fact that this machine and this model, in particular, is here to stay and remain as the best in class for decades to come. Its six axles provide a smooth ride to the operator on the road and while rigging the crane becomes atotally a new beast swinging around on its slew circle and performing task after task. Its efficient fuel economy is another plus point reducing the environmental effect and benefitting the owner and customers fuel cost.

Auto Link’s high standards of safe & reliable cranes would not have been possible without our certified technicians including electricians and mechanics. They are trained from the manufacturer itself and the 300 Ton Grove All Terrain Crane in Qatar whose agent (Mannai Corporation) regularly monitors the crane analytics and provide regular feedback to us for any fault with the crane which may be missed by the crane operator, the feedback is sent as a report to our maintenance team who performs the corrective job on the crane and prevents the crane breakdown or worst accident at site. It’s worth mentioning that 300 Ton Grove All Terrain Crane in Qatar are so reliable that they never seem to break down whatever the conditions may be as long as the manufacturer’s guidelines are followed. It is for this reason that Auto Link International Trading & Equipment Rental W.L.L has opted for this capacity and this brand and always suggest to its customers due to its rigidness, load chart flexibility, and reliability.

One can only go and invest so much in a single machine if they know that the depreciation would not be large enough over the years. The only guarantee for this comes from the dealership strength of that brand in that particular country and we are very proud to say that 300 Ton Grove All Terrain Crane in Qatar is the best in its class and we have chosen this over another well-renowned brand. The dealership/agent in Qatar for 300 Ton Grove All Terrain Crane in Qatar is the best in after sale services and we never had a complaint about their product. The competitor’s agents in Qatar for 300 Ton Grove All Terrain Crane in Qatar offers bare minimum standards of after sale services which results in rapid deterioration of parts and eventually the crane depreciate at a fast pace.

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