12 April, 2023

200 Ton Mobile Crane

We at Auto Link International Trading & Equipment Rental W.L.L. are pioneering companies in the heavy crane industry. Despite the LNG boom, it has been offering its services in Qatar for many years. From contract project lifting to heavy hauling and abnormal load transportation to crane rental, we provide our customers with the highest quality equipment, trained workforce, and engineered solutions. A large part of our customer portfolio consists of clients in the Oil & Gas and Infrastructure, Power, and Construction sectors. The services we provide are designed to simplify our customers’ work and boost their confidence in making decisions toward a safe and efficient project. These services include Lift planning, Method statements, Risk assessments, 2D Plans, and 3D CAD drawings.

In terms of cost and safety, Auto Link International Trading & Equipment Rental W.L.L has determined that it is necessary to provide its leads & patrons with different options for accomplishing their tasks. By viewing our patrons’ projects and investments as our own, we provide value for them. Our goal is to build on our relationship for decades to come by providing the most effective solution to build on their trust. Our goal is to prevent injuries, and this results in stringent HSE policies in place for our workforce to adhere to. The same translates to our equipment by having a periodic checkup of all our machines and maintaining a preventive and corrective checklist for respective cranes. A thorough examination is performed by an approved third-party company and the report for each of our cranes is routinely checked before the expiration of the certificate of re-certification if a breakdown or corrective maintenance is performed. Our cranes are STI stamped by Qatar Petroleum (QP) and Qatar Gas (QG) to ensure the highest level of quality, condition, and safety for our customers.


Terex 200 tons

Terex Corporation produces a variety of lifting devices under the brand name Terex Cranes. Terex cranes are renowned for being dependable, effective, and long-lasting.  They are employed in a variety of sectors, such as infrastructure development, mining, and construction. Terex cranes are used in the building sector to lift and move bulky supplies and machinery to various places on a job site.

The Terex RT1120 Rough Terrain crane, for example, has a maximum lift capacity of 120 tons and a five-section full-power mechanically synchronized telescoping boom with a maximum length of 164 feet. Terex rough terrain cranes are designed with the latest technology, hydraulics, ergonomics, and design, making them flexible, reliable, and able to be deployed in rough terrain locations.

There are several different types of Terex cranes used in the construction industry, including crawler cranes, rough terrain cranes, tower cranes, and carry deck cranes.

Regarding the 200 tons Terex cranes, one example is the Terex AC 200-1, which has a maximum lift capacity of 200 tons and a maximum boom length of 67 meters. Such cranes are useful for heavy lifting and construction projects that require the handling of materials with large weights, such as steel beams or precast concrete panels. However, Terex cranes are used worldwide and are popular in the construction industry due to their durability, efficiency, and flexibility.

Terex makes a variety of cranes that are employed in the building sector, including carry deck cranes, rough terrain cranes, tower cranes, and crawler cranes. These cranes come in handy for heavy lifting and building jobs that call for handling huge objects like steel beams or precast concrete panels.

Qatari construction sites often use Terex AC 200 cranes to support construction. They are an excellent way to provide power to your construction site. Among the largest heavy-lifting machines available today, the Terex 200 is capable of lifting 16,000 kilograms. In addition to the temporary assembly of large buildings, Terex cranes are used for foundations, excavation, and construction of roads and bridges in Doha. Its flexibility allows the Terex 200 crane to lift angular loads with ease, making it ideal for heavy lifting operations.

It is important to us that Auto Link International Trading & Equipment Rental W.L.L’s services are as effective as our equipment and our workforce capabilities, so we always work to acquire cranes that are in demand by our patrons and that can be maintained by our technicians. We are able to offer our patrons options that suit their project critical path much better because of this policy, as it enables our sales and marketing teams to propose different solutions to our leads and patrons and bring the maximum output of our crane’s capabilities. This is why AutoLink invests in quality management systems, best-in-class mobile cranes, and a workforce. We intend to invest in environmentally friendly cranes with low carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide emissions. As part of our commitment to corporate social responsibility, we train low-skilled workers so they can become certified and establish a career as crane operators, riggers, supervisors, designated persons for lifting operations, or employees of the commercial department in the sales and marketing industry.

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